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RAMPTECH High Quality Parts


RAMPTECH? Universal Caliper

Sage P/N 420809


Single caliper fits both left and right applications

How did we do it?

The caliper has simply been redesigned making the bleed screw and inlet ports identical. This makes the two ports universal, therefore making the caliper ambidextrous.

Ease of Installation

In a brake system, pockets of air always make their way to the end of the line. Fluid always enters the caliper at the lowest point and the bleed screw is always placed at the highest point or the top of the fluid chamber on the caliper, the end of the line. Having the inlet and bleed screw ports identical allows you to switch back and forth always placing the bleed screw on top and the inlet hose on the bottom regardless of left or right installation. Now that’s smart.


  • Calipers are brand new no cores to deal with
  • Calipers come loaded with high quality non-asbestos, low silicate semi metallic brake pads
  • All mounting hardware included


Handiquip — TT-250-CP, TT-DST-3141, TT-DST-3185, TT250CP
Harlan — 02026–0544
NAPA — CAL LE4759, CAL LE4760, 029T6-2201–103?1
Raybestos — RC4141, RC4142
Tiger – 1299717, 496270, 630765
Tug — 660–4?3586–29, T6-8013–141, T6-8013–142, T6-8013–144, T6-8013–146, T6-8013–185

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