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RAMPTECH High Quality Parts



Sage P/N 334010


Endurance. Built for the Ramp.

The RAMPTECH? LED GSE Headlamp is made of diecast aluminum alloy housing, black powder-coated, and air-tight internal compartments. This GSE headlamp is made of high impact and UV-resistant acrylic plastic that will stand up to the harshest environmental ramp conditions. All mounting brackets and hardware are stainless steel.

Fully Lab and Ramp Tested

  • Vibration Tested
    The RAMPTECH? LED GSE Headlamp was run for numerous 8 continuous hour cycles while affixed to an air-powered vibration bench without a single failure. The vibration was extreme compared to a typical vehicle application.

  • Cycle Tested
    The RAMPTECH? LED GSE Headlamp was continuously cycled on and off 50 times per minute for a total of 160 hours at 30 volts. This GSE headlamp was cycled 480,000 times without a single failure.

  • Age Tested
    The RAMPTECH? LED GSE Headlamp was tested by leaving the LED light continuously on for 48 hours at 24 volts during continuous cycles.

  • Water Tested
    The RAMPTECH? LED GSE Headlamp was continuously run for over 400 hours submerged in water. The seal and light intensity remained stable.

  • Field Tested
    The RAMPTECH? LED GSE Headlamp was field-tested on various types of ramp equipment for over years without a single failure.


6 super bright Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

  • Durable high impact-resistant acrylic lens that will stand up to the harshest environmental ramp conditions
  • Rugged solid-state LEDs that can withstand shock and vibration
  • Life Rating is approximately 40,000 hours
  • Long-life LEDs means never having to replace another bulb
  • LED light is whiter and brighter creating better visibility
  • LEDs have less current draw which results in in-creased battery and alternator life
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy fin style housing provides maximum protection
  • Stainless Steel mounting brackets and hardware
  • Fully ramp tested and proven


Lens Pattern: Flood for maximum effectiveness

Lens Material: High impact acrylic plastic

Warranty: 1?year limited warranty

Housing Material: Die-cast aluminum alloy

Mounting: Stainless steel pedestal mount

Range: 9 to 24 Volts
1.170 Amps @ 12V DC
0.567 Amps @ 24V DC

Lumen Output: 1080

*This lamp is for airport vehicles only and is intended for the ramp.

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