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RAMPTECH High Quality Parts


RAMPTECH? High Efficiency Radiator

Sage P/N 825203


A better way to keep your cool.

Advanced engineering in… a better product out.

That’s the design approach behind the RAMPTECH? High Efficiency Copper Brass Radiator. Besides providing the most efficient and effective cooling possible, this robust radiator includes many enhancements resulting in a superior level of overall durability and long lasting.

The filler neck is reinforced with brazing both internally and externally. The inlet/outlet tubes have been substantially strengthened by securing two anchor points welded to both sides of the tank and by an enhanced brazing process. The durability of the drain valve and the transmission coolant ports have been improved by a 25% increase in tank wall thickness and enhanced brazing. Also, the radiator is reinforced by a “cradle” mounting design eliminating the weak mounting points found on other radiators.


  • Fits the Tug MA and MH Series Tractors with gas engines
  • Fits the Tug Belt Loader with gas engine
  • Heavy duty durability and long life


  • Redesigned bracket configuration for a longer, reliable life
  • Tank wall thickness is increased by 25%
  • Increased brazing material around all ports and filler neck

1 - The filler neck is reinforced with internal and external brazing.
2 - Transmission coolant ports improved by 25% increase in tank wall thickness.
3 - The inlet/outlet tubes are strengthened by securing two anchor points welded to both sides by an enhanced brazing process.


Four Seasons Radiator — 154700
Handiquip — TT-DST-FS-200
TUG — T6-4055–203

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