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RAMPTECH High Quality Parts



Sage P/N 96688


A new standard for quality.

The RAMPTECH? GSE E?Brake Lever recognizes a new standard for quality. We listened to users in the field and engineered a new and improved version of the Orscheln type lever originally used on the Tug tractors. This new RAMPTECH? GSE E?Brake Lever is designed for GSE and the ramp and will last longer than the original. Added strength was developed for enhanced improvement and performance.

This new RAMPTECH?GSE E?Brake Lever includes design improvements that focused on stress areas to enhance product life and performance with no change to its form, fit, or function, and is a direct replacement with no modifications needed.


  • A reinforcing bracket is added for additional lateral support
  • A mounting anchor spacer is added for durability
  • Improved riveting is added to endure the most aggressive environment
  • Improved overall design for longevity and reduced product life cycle cost


Clark Equipment — 695423
Harlan — 27002
Orscheln — 1041805, 02182900
Tiger – 771354, 988918
Tug — T6-8005–101


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