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  • We stand behind our customers, products and services: responsibility, support and continuous improvement are the key words, which drive our work and attitude.

  • We promote reactivity, diligence, and responsiveness in action and communication.

  • We act with honesty and integrity, and treat fairly the people and partners whom we employ and deal with.

  • We value open door communication and transparency.

  • We promote an open mind attitude, welcome new ideas, and accept constructive challenge.

  • We respect diversity and value the contribution of a multi-cultural spirit.

  • We favor a medium and long-term approach rather than short term driven decisions.

  • We value innovation, creativity and believe in the virtues of thinking “out of the box”.

  • We believe that management must be demanding, positive and nurturing, while caring about the development and training of our employees.

  • We value employees’ empowerment, which calls on their sense of responsibility.

  • We are a lean organization, that looks for efficient and cost conscious solutions to achieve our tasks and promote benchmarking and experience sharing.

  • We believe in work as an essential way to achieve success, and we aim at building a work environment, which fosters individual growth and personal achievement.

  • We value a “hands-on” attitude throughout our organization, including management’s mission of selectively getting into details as a sign of our commitment and deep involvement.

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